My name is Thomas. I’ve been a cross-country commercial driver for the past 20 years and I have seen a large number of crashed vehicles during the winter months. These tragedies created inside of me a great desire to make a difference and help save lives.  The winter of 2016 is when it all began for me as I was traveling southbound on I-35 crossing the Minnesota/Iowa State line the day after a snowstorm. The scene for the next 50 miles was the most horrifying I have ever witnessed, and it looked more like a wrecking yard than an interstate.  There were so many cars and trucks in ditches on either side of the roadway – some vehicles were turned over on their side, and some were upside down.

What puzzled me was that people who live in that region know how to drive in these conditions.  So I began to wonder, “How can this many people simultaneously encounter such a problem?” Something was wrong, and that 50 mile stretch in northern Iowa got me thinking of solutions. 


Two weeks later, while traveling across eastern Montana along I-94, I was watching traffic on the opposite side of the interstate and saw an 18-wheeler traveling in the snow-covered left lane.  The truck blew past a car and created a snow cloud that went shooting out the back of his trailer making it impossible for the other car to see. It was at that point that it suddenly occurred to me - that was most likely the reason for what happened in northern Iowa, and for many other crashes that I had seen over the years.  I knew right then that this problem could be fixed, and I intended to find a way to do so.

I began the journey to create a solution.  By the summer of 2017 I had a fair amount of trial and error, costly mistakes, and a rising amount of personal debt.  But I continued to push forward and in November of that same year the design for The Cattsard System was finished and patented.  It was now time to road test the solution and show it to the world.

My travels routinely take me along the northern tier of the map; Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. You really can’t ask for a better testing ground.  The testing phase in the winter of 2018 was a huge success. Trucks and drivers of passenger vehicles were asking my what I had on my truck and how it worked. People starting taking notice, praise and support was on the rise, and the product is now gaining popularity as a critical component for the safety of commercial vehicles.

However, public support is now desperately needed to help ensure this product is brought to market.  If the safety of your loved ones is important to you, please contact your local Congressman and Senator and let them know you want safer roads, and you want this product to be standard equipment on commercial trucks. 

The life you save could be yours, or someone you love.

- Thomas Blomberg, Inventor



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